Mario Garcia Torres “Pocket Scratching”

January 18 - March 8, 2008

"I Promise Every Time", 2007 "I Promise Every Time", 2007 "I Promise Every Time", 2007 "I Promise Every Time", 2007
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gallery.sora. is pleased to announce the debut exhibition in Japan of Mexican artist, Mario Garcia Torres.

Garcia Torres presents his works mainly on film, video, photography and projected photographs as well as in printed interventions. Born in 1975 in Monclova, he graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in 2005 and currently lives in San Diego. Recent solo shows include venues such as the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Kadist Art Foundation, Paris (where he was a resident) and Jan Mot, Brussels, amongst others.

He has also, participated in the 52 Biennale di Venezia, Venice, "Escultura Social", Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, "Learn to Read" and "Saturday Live Actions & Interruptions", Tate Modern, London and "Elephant Cemetery", Artist's Space, New York. He recently received The Cartier Award 2007.

"So-called Conceptual Art has always interested me. It is difficult for me to explain why, but I could say that the first thing that intrigued me about it was probably its self-questioning...there is always a time or location displacement. Some sort of empty space that allows questioning issues that are different from the ones directly implied by the piece itself. In that regard, Conceptual Art became for me not just a reference but also a legacy that I could use and misuse for my work. I think that even if I am very interested in those kinds of practices my projects are not about them. They only use them to give form to a larger narrative that has to do with personal and social interests".
Mario Garcia Torres
Published in the 2006 January issue of Neue Review

For his first solo exhibition with gallery.sora., Garcia Torres will present a new body of work related to time and unpredictability. He will also be exhibiting a new work entitled, "I Promise Every Time" in collaboration with Mexican musician Mario Lopez Landa at A@Agnes.
Jan. 11-13, 2008

Supported by: Embassy of Mexico in Japan