Kyoko Ishikawa “from my tickets”

April 11 - May 2, 2008
Opening Reception April 12, 2008 18 - 20pm

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gallery.sora. is pleased to announce our solo exhibition with Kyoko Ishikawa “from my tickets” from April 11th to May 2nd 2008. Ishikawa was born in 1980 and has been exhibiting actively since she was a graduate student at Tokyo Zokei University; participating in the Gunma Youth Biennial (The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma) in 2005, “INDEX#2 LIFE STYLES” (Tokyo Wonder Site, ARTZONE) in 2006 and "UMAREYORU Overflowing Exbition in KOKAI” held in the Kokai shopping arcade in Kumamoto. In this exhibition, Ishikawa will present her latest installation produced within the building of gallery.sora.

Now I think about jotting down words as titles for my works and grab this sheet nearby, with the window underneath. I am suddenly one step closer to sunlight. Along with its warmth, I watch the direction of my pen and express myself. Light transmits to my hand. I cannot help looking. The size of this window I stand by sends this view entirely over to the other side. Those forms of vision. There is nothing other than facts in this world.

To those relating to the situation in the words below
If here, there is something that happens to be treated as fiction in the reason - I express what I confirmed, can you say that it is not for my strength of grip that you managed to notice these words?

I sometimes receive something very beautiful. A radical stage touched by a drop of the thing.

It may fail for something. But I feel I should never cheat myself trying to express it.

For me, art is a work of weaving rules out of rules. So I think art is inevitably conceptual. The value of an artist for society is whether they have a straightforward mind; of not being oblivious towards keeping things confined to “values as morals for contracts”. Society is often an integral of contracts. Of course, I may not be such an artist. That is why I wish to encounter. I sense something – an art that sees through many roots constructed by the multilayered historical awareness built by people including myself.

Kyoko Ishikawa
March 9, 2008