Keita Suzuki "CHORD"

Part I : September 9 - 30, 2006
Part II : November 25 - December 15, 2006
Opening : 6 - 8 p.m. September 9, 2006

The answer is in our everyday life and the living environment which reflects it.
Keita Suzuki

Keita Suzuki was born in 1979 and presently lives and works in Tokyo. The artist's debut solo exhibition will take place in two parts; Part I will consist of a sculptural installation (September 9 - September 30) while Part II will feature a video work (November 25 - December 15).

A remarkable sense of space is an important characteristic of Suzuki's art. Working in a variety of media, he is constantly conscious of space. For instance, the sculpture "Shadow man" (2004) is formed by the simple task of layering knife blades; "untitled" (2004-2005) attempts, by way of an illuminated chair, the fading of space.

Suzuki says, "Observing my daily life, I superimpose objects or and scapes which I see or touch onto my experience, this is then visualized." This approach is most remarkable in an 8 minute video work "COLORS of the world" (2005), which pictures an early morning sunshine quietly filling a room. The video begins as a simple composition of darkness with the objects on a desk show in outline. Tone is heightened little by little with the slow rise of the early morning sun. "The essential components of existence" (shape, color, and texture)" appear gradually in the increasing morning sunlight; a strong though serene impression.

In contrast to the video, which observes the change of somewhat "coming into being," Suzuki also represents space in an installation which elicits a moment of "disappearance". This new work, exhibited in Part I represents an appearance stripped of the "essential components of existence" by way of painting in white, gray and black. While further viewing the work, one gradually develops an illusion that all components of everyday life are stripped away. The world created from an exquisite sense overflowing with an unknown and never-seen-before moment hidden in the everyday.