Brian Fahlstrom

May 13 – June 10, 2006

The Cosmic Blueprint
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gallery.sora. is pleased to announce the Tokyo debut exhibition of Los Angeles based artist Brian Fahlstrom. The artist has previously exhibited in Los Angeles with Marc Foxx (2005) and in the fall of 2006 will take part in USA Today, an exhibition organized by the Saatchi Gallery in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Art, London.

The paintings being exhibited were made with a great deal of impulsiveness and intuition, followed by reflection and consideration. I feel my way through the painting, not knowing where I will end up. All of them depict some form of landscape "view".
A brush moving paint across a canvas surface is the means by which I am best able to transfer the many kinds of emotions and atmospheric pressures that I experience, or want to experience. It is a way of making a sensual, narrative and enveloping space.
The natural world is wild and abstract. The way our vision works and perceives nature is very abstract and the way in which our mind processes it is abstract.
For me, conceptually and philosophically—there is no conflict or distinction between representation and abstraction- the two meet in nature before ever meeting in my painting.
A prime question would be: How do you take an empty rectangle and form a forceful presence out of it? Each painting gets its own distinct emotional resonance. Anything can happen. I paint dramatic experiences.
-Brian Fahlstrom