"Untitled", 2011, pencil and acrylic on paper, 66 x 194.5 cm

Born in Osaka in 1978, Hiroe Saeki graduated from the Faculty of Fine Art, Kyoto Seika University in 2001. Making her debut at the exhibition held at Taka Ishii Gallery in 2004, Saeki won the VOCA Encouragement Prize and held her first overseas solo exhibition at Galerie Almine Rech, Paris in 2006. After 2007, she widened her appeal with participation in group exhibitions such as, “Labyrinth of lines II ? Melody with pencil and graphite”, Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo; “Artist File 2008 : The NACT Annual Show of Contemporary Art”, The National Art Center, Tokyo; “NEOTENY JAPAN Contemporary Artists after 1990’s – from Takahashi Collection”, Kirishima Open-Air Museum, Kagoshima (traveling to Museum of Contemporary Art, Sapporo; The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo); “Winter Garden: The Exploration of the Micropop Imagination in Contemporary Japanese Art”, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; “Art Scope 2009-2011: Invisible Memories”, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; etc. Her representative publications include her first artist book, Hiroe Saeki Works from S.O.L. (seeds of life) in 2007. In 2010, Saeki took part in her first artist residency in Berlin through Daimler Foundation in Japan’s “Art Scope” program. In 2012, she has travelled to Europe with the “Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artist” sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan. Currently lives and works in Berlin.

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