Kei Takemura, "Renovated: 19C. Ginori Doccia's Cup with Lid, 2021, 19C. Ginori Doccia's cup with lid, synthetic cloth, fluorescent silk from Gunma, 14x12x8 cm, Photo: Shinya Kigure

Kei Takemura (b. 1975, Tokyo), lives and works in Japan. Takemura has continued to present works that are comprised of overlapping a layer of embroidered cloth on to a photograph or drawing. For Takemura, the act of embroidery is to create a state of being ‘tentative,’ and transform objects and places which no longer exist, and fragments of memory towards a tangible existence. Furthermore, in her “Renovated: Series” comprised of objects that were broken by accident, the points of fracture are embroidered by silk thread. These “wounds” are given a new light and are preserved as new objects of beauty.

Major solo exhibition include “For dearest You”, Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo (2004); “Kei Takemura”, Galerie Alexandra Saheb, Berlin (2004); “even if we’re not together”, Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo (2007); “A part Apart”, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo (2008); “dearest unknown You”, Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo (2012) and “Madeleine. V. Olympic, and my Garden” (2019). In 2005 Takemura released her first publication of works, Takemura Kei in Berlin 2000-2005. Takemura participated in the 15th Biennale of Sydney and Yokohama Triennale 2020, and has consistently continued to strengthen her international presence while expanding her areas of activity.

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