Tatsuo Kawaguchi “Land and Sea 1970”

Retail price: ¥3,600- (tax excl.)
Published by Taka Ishii Gallery New York (2015)
Softcover, total 27 pages, 27 illustrations, H22.9 x W18 cm, 0.12 kg
Text by Tatsuo Kawaguchi (English and Japanese)


Naoko Tamura “Thaümata”

Published by Taka Ishii Gallery Photography Paris and Taka Ishii Gallery (2015)
Edition of 500, hardcover, total 51 pages, 28 illustrations
H24.7 x W19.4 cm, 0.37 kg
Text by Pascal Beausse (French and Japanese)

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Koji Enokura “Symptom: Kōji Enokura Photo Works 1969-1994”

Retail price: ¥13,000- (tax incl.), published by Tokyo Publishing House (2015)
Edition of 700, hardcover, total 304 pages, H22.8 x W31.4 cm, 1.67 kg
Text by Kinichi Obinata, Isako Kumagai and Koji Enokura (English and Japanese)


Tomoo Gokita “777”

Retail price: ¥3,500- (tax excl.), published by 888books (2015)
Softcover, slipcase, total 784 pages, 777 illustrations
H20 x W14.8 cm, 0.95 kg


Cerith Wyn Evans “Cerith Wyn Evans”

Retail price: ¥3,700- (tax excl.), published by Taka Ishii Gallery (2015)
Softcover, audio CD (1’04”16/stereo), total 48 pages, 11 illustrations, H21 x W14.8 cm, 0.14 kg
Text by Andrew Maerkle (English and Japanese)


Yutaka Takanashi “Niche Tokyo”

Retail price: ¥7,400- (tax excl.), published by Taka Ishii Gallery P/F (2015)
Limited edition of 200, all copies signed by Yutaka Takanashi
Softcover, total 112 pages, 55 illustrations, H 29.8 x W 21 cm, 0.5 kg
Essay by Shino Kuraishi and text by Yutaka Takanashi  (English and Japanese)

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Martin Kippenberger “Martin Kippenberger” special edition, 2015

Retail price: ¥12,200. (tax excl.), edition of 50, published by Taka Ishii Gallery
A copy of publication “Martin Kippenberger” + a B3 size poster, softcover, wooden slipcase, 200 pages, 162 illustrations, H21.6 x W13.9 cm, 0.48 kg including box
Essay by Minoru Shimizu (English and Japanese)


Martin Kippenberger “Martin Kippenberger”

Published by Taka Ishii Gallery (2015)
Edition of 650, softcover, total 200 pages, 162 illustrations
H21 x W13.6 cm, 0.35kg
Text by Minoru Shimizu (English and Japanese)

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Thomas Demand “Model Studies (Kōtō-ku)”

Retail price: ¥8,000- (tax excl.), published by amana inc. (2015)
Hardcover, total 86 pages, 47 illustrations, H32.4 x W27.7 cm, 0.95 kg
Text by Thomas Demand (English and Japanese)


Luke Fowler “TWO-FRAME FILMS 2006-2012”

Retail price: ¥8,000- (tax excl.), published by MACK (2014)
Hardcover, total 160 pages, 106 illustrations, H23.5 x W25.5 cm, 0.98 kg
Texts by Harvie Ferguson and Toshiya Tsunoda (English)



Retail price: ¥5,800- (tax excl.), published by Koenig Books and Serpentine Galleries (2014)
Softcover, total 152 pages, 191 illustrations, H28.5 x W32.3 cm, 1.45 kg
Foreword by Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist, texts by Hélène Cixous and co-written by Wyn Evans and Alexander García Düttmann (English)


Takashi Ishida “Billowing Light”

Retail price: ¥2,800- (tax excl.)
Published by Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc. (2015)
Softcover, total 152 pages, 27 illustrated artworks, H29.7 x W22 cm, 0.73 kg
Texts by Shintaro Morinaga and Megumi Tomiyama, and an interview text by Sayoko Osawa (English and Japanese)


Masahiro Kodaira “The Wholly Other”

Retail price: ¥3,000- (tax excl.), published by Taka Ishii Gallery P/F (2015)
Softcover, total 36 pages, 28 illustrations, H26.8 x W21 cm, 0.2kg
Text by Shino Kuraishi (English and Japanese)
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Shinpei Kusanagi “nowhere now here”

Published by Taka Ishii Gallery, 2015
Edition of 500, Hardcover, 40 pages, 18 illustrations, 210 x 182 mm, 0.3kg

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Silke Otto-Knapp “Questions of Travel”

Retail price: ¥2,800. (tax excl.)
Copublished by Fogo Island Arts, Kunsthalle Wien, Sternberg Press, 2014
Softcover, 100 pages, 20 illustrations, H21x W15.2 cm, 0.2kg
Texts include; preface by Rosemary Heather and Nicolaus Schafhausen, writing by Elizabeth Bishop, essays by Susan Morgan and Vanessa Joan Müller, conversation between Silke Otto-Knapp and Nicolaus Schafhausen (English)