Naoko Tamura “Thaümata”

Published by Taka Ishii Gallery Photography Paris and Taka Ishii Gallery (2015)
Edition of 500, hardcover, total 51 pages, 28 illustrations
H24.7 x W19.4 cm, 0.37 kg
Text by Pascal Beausse (French and Japanese)

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Koji Enokura “Symptom: Kōji Enokura Photo Works 1969-1994”

Retail price: ¥13,000- (tax incl.), published by Tokyo Publishing House (2015)
Edition of 700, hardcover, total 304 pages, H22.8 x W31.4 cm, 1.67 kg
Text by Kinichi Obinata, Isako Kumagai and Koji Enokura (English and Japanese)


Tomoo Gokita “777”

Retail price: ¥3,500- (tax excl.), published by 888books (2015)
Softcover, slipcase, total 784 pages, 777 illustrations
H20 x W14.8 cm, 0.95 kg


Cerith Wyn Evans “Cerith Wyn Evans”

Retail price: ¥3,700- (tax excl.), published by Taka Ishii Gallery (2015)
Softcover, audio CD (1’04”16/stereo), total 48 pages, 11 illustrations, H21 x W14.8 cm, 0.14 kg
Text by Andrew Maerkle (English and Japanese)


Yutaka Takanashi “Niche Tokyo”

Retail price: ¥7,400- (tax excl.), published by Taka Ishii Gallery P/F (2015)
Limited edition of 200, all copies signed by Yutaka Takanashi
Softcover, total 112 pages, 55 illustrations, H 29.8 x W 21 cm, 0.5 kg
Essay by Shino Kuraishi and text by Yutaka Takanashi  (English and Japanese)

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Martin Kippenberger “Martin Kippenberger” special edition, 2015

Retail price: ¥12,200. (tax excl.), edition of 50, published by Taka Ishii Gallery
A copy of publication “Martin Kippenberger” + a B3 size poster, softcover, wooden slipcase, 200 pages, 162 illustrations, H21.6 x W13.9 cm, 0.48 kg including box
Essay by Minoru Shimizu (English and Japanese)


Martin Kippenberger “Martin Kippenberger”

Published by Taka Ishii Gallery (2015)
Edition of 650, softcover, total 200 pages, 162 illustrations
H21 x W13.6 cm, 0.35kg
Text by Minoru Shimizu (English and Japanese)

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Thomas Demand “Model Studies (Kōtō-ku)”

Retail price: ¥8,000- (tax excl.), published by amana inc. (2015)
Hardcover, total 86 pages, 47 illustrations, H32.4 x W27.7 cm, 0.95 kg
Text by Thomas Demand (English and Japanese)


Luke Fowler “TWO-FRAME FILMS 2006-2012”

Retail price: ¥8,000- (tax excl.), published by MACK (2014)
Hardcover, total 160 pages, 106 illustrations, H23.5 x W25.5 cm, 0.98 kg
Texts by Harvie Ferguson and Toshiya Tsunoda (English)



Retail price: ¥5,800- (tax excl.), published by Koenig Books and Serpentine Galleries (2014)
Softcover, total 152 pages, 191 illustrations, H28.5 x W32.3 cm, 1.45 kg
Foreword by Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist, texts by Hélène Cixous and co-written by Wyn Evans and Alexander García Düttmann (English)


Takashi Ishida “Billowing Light”

Retail price: ¥2,800- (tax excl.)
Published by Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc. (2015)
Softcover, total 152 pages, 27 illustrated artworks, H29.7 x W22 cm, 0.73 kg
Texts by Shintaro Morinaga and Megumi Tomiyama, and an interview text by Sayoko Osawa (English and Japanese)


Masahiro Kodaira “The Wholly Other”

Retail price: ¥3,000- (tax excl.), published by Taka Ishii Gallery P/F (2015)
Softcover, total 36 pages, 28 illustrations, H26.8 x W21 cm, 0.2kg
Text by Shino Kuraishi (English and Japanese)
Purchase: shashasha

Shinpei Kusanagi “nowhere now here”

Published by Taka Ishii Gallery, 2015
Edition of 500, Hardcover, 40 pages, 18 illustrations, 210 x 182 mm, 0.3kg

Purchase:  twelvebooks

Silke Otto-Knapp “Questions of Travel”

Retail price: ¥2,800. (tax excl.)
Copublished by Fogo Island Arts, Kunsthalle Wien, Sternberg Press, 2014
Softcover, 100 pages, 20 illustrations, H21x W15.2 cm, 0.2kg
Texts include; preface by Rosemary Heather and Nicolaus Schafhausen, writing by Elizabeth Bishop, essays by Susan Morgan and Vanessa Joan Müller, conversation between Silke Otto-Knapp and Nicolaus Schafhausen (English)


Silke Otto-Knapp “Geography and Plays”

Retail price: ¥3,500. (tax excl.), published by Kunsthal Charlottenborg, 2013
Softcover, 112 pages, 84 illustrations, H33.2 x W27.9 cm, 0.8kg
Texts include; foreword by Jacob Fabricius, Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Jenni Lomax, Camden Arts Center, essay by Sabeth Buchmann (Danish, English and German)