Martin Kippenberger “Martin Kippenberger” special edition, 2015

Retail price: ¥12,200. (tax excl.), edition of 50, published by Taka Ishii Gallery
A copy of publication “Martin Kippenberger” + a B3 size poster, softcover, wooden slipcase, 200 pages, 162 illustrations, H21.6 x W13.9 cm, 0.48 kg including box
Essay by Minoru Shimizu (English and Japanese)


Martin Kippenberger “Martin Kippenberger”

Published by Taka Ishii Gallery (2015)
Edition of 650, softcover, total 200 pages, 162 illustrations
H21 x W13.6 cm, 0.35kg
Text by Minoru Shimizu (English and Japanese)

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