“STAGES biennial”

Dates: Aug 16 – Sep 2, 2019
Location: Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, Winnipeg
Participating artist: Silke Otto-Knapp

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Summer Holidays

The galleries will be closed for the following dates:

Aug 11 – 19, 2019

Photography / Film
Aug 11 – 19, 2019

SHOP (Hong Kong)

Reborn-Art Festival 2019

Dates: Aug 3 – Sep 29, 2019
Location: Oshika Peninsula, Ajishima, Central Ishinomaki, Matsushima Bay
Participating artists: Zon ItoKyoko Murase, Noguchi Rika, Nao Tsuda

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Toshiya Murakoshi “The Needle of Blood”

Dates: Aug 3 – 18, 2019
Location: Sukagawa Citizens Exchange Center tette, Fukushima

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“CRITERIUM 96: Hanako Murakami”

Dates: Jul 13 – Oct 6, 2019
Location: Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki
Participating artist: Hanako Murakami

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Nagashima Yurie × Takemura Kei “Now ⇆ Then”

Dates: Jul 13 – Sep 1, 2019
Location: The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma
Participating artist: Kei Takemura

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Arles 2019: New Discovery Award

Dates: Jul 1 – Sep 22, 2019
Location: Grand Control Arles
Participating artist: Hanako Murakami

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Dates: Jul 6 – Oct 31, 2019
Location: Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires
Participating artist: Dan Graham

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“Abstraction: Aspects of Contemporary Art”

Date: May 25 – Aug 4, 2019
Location: The National Museum of Art, Osaka, Osaka
Participating artist: Sterling Ruby, Christopher Wool

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“Dior: From Paris to the World”

Dates: May 19 – Sep 1, 2019
Location: Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas
Participating artist: Sterling Ruby

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Ryuji Miyamoto “Invisible Land”

Dates: May 14 – Jul 15, 2019
Location: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Tokyo

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Biennale Arte 2019 / 58th International Art Exhibition “May You Live In Interesting Times”

Leonor Antunes “a seam, a surface, a hinge or a knot” 

Dates: May 11 – Nov 24, 2019
Location: Portugal pavilion

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Takashi Ishida “Light on the Arc”

Dates: Apr 20 – Jun 16, 2019
Location:Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori Public University, Aomori
Participating artist: Takashi Ishida
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Easter Holidays

SHOP (Hong Kong) will be closed for the following dates:
Apr 19 – 22, 2019

“The Source”

Dates: Apr 13 – Nov 3, 2019
Location: Villa, La Fondation Carmignac, Hyères
Participating artist: Sterling Ruby

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