Kohei Yamada,“Untitled”, 2023, oil on canvas, 180.3 x 299.8 cm © Kohei Yamada / Photo: Kenji Takahashi

Kohei Yamada begins his painting process by generously saturating his canvas or paper with oil. Then, drawing black lines that serve as starting points or as contours, and placing in the upper left corner a spot of yellow representing light, Yamada proceeds to cover the whole surface with dynamic sweeps of vibrant colors. Successive applications of the brush create a smoother texture, enhance the hues between adjacent planes, and form a multilayered structure that lends Yamada’s paintings their characteristic sense of depth. 

Kohei Yamada (b. 1997, Osaka) graduated with a major in oil painting from Musashino Art University in 2020 and completed his master’s degree in the same field at Kyoto University of the Arts in 2022. He is currently active in Tokyo. His solo exhibitions include “As If to Hide It” at the biscuit gallery (Tokyo, 2022); “The Way the Lines Come In” at MtK Contemporary Art and Kyoto Okazaki Tsutaya Books (Kyoto, 2022); “road” at the Daikanyama Hillside Terrace Annex-A (Tokyo, 2021); and “Going Up, then Down” at the Gallery binosha (Tokyo, 2020). Yamada has also participated in group exhibitions such as “Abstraction (re)creation – 20 under 40” at Le Consortium (Dijon, 2024). “nine colors XVI” at Seibu Shibuya (Tokyo, 2022), “biscuit gallery Opening Exhibition II” at biscuit gallery (Tokyo, 2021), and “Up_01″ in the Ginza Atrium of Ginza Tsutaya Books (Tokyo, 2021), as well as in “ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO” in the Museum of Kyoto Annex (Kyoto, 2020 and 2021). He was a Contemporary Art Foundation (CAF) Award finalist in 2020.

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