Nobuyoshi Araki “The Banquet”

Retail price: ¥3,500- (tax excl.), published by Errata Editions (2012)
Hardcover, total 136 pages, 67 illustrations, H 24.7 x W18.6 cm, 0.7 kg


As the fifteenth installment of their ‘Books on Books Project’, New York-based publisher Errata Editions re-released Nobuyoshi Araki’s photobook ‘The Banquet’ (originally published by Magazine House in 1993). ‘The Banquet’ collects photos of the meals that Araki’s wife Yoko made during her last month alive. This book consists of precise reproductions of the cover and all pages from the original photobook, as well as new essays written by Ivan Vartanian and Jeffrey Ladd.