Daido Moriyama “TSUGARU”

Retail price: ¥5,000- (tax excl.), published by Taka Ishii Gallery (2010)
Limited edition of 1,000, hardcover, 144 pages, 82 illustrations,
H32.5 x W 24 cm, 1.1 kg


This catalog was published for the solo exhibition ‘Tsugaru’, held at Taka Ishii Gallery in November 2010. This book includes 82 photographs in total: 81 were taken in Goshogawara and other villages in the Tsugaru-plain area of Aomori Prefecture in 1976, while the final photograph was taken on a more recent visit to the area. This is one of Moriyama’s most representative works from 70’s, a time when he set out for Hokkaido and Tohoku while searching for new ways of expression after publishing ‘Farewell Photography’ in 1972.