Ittetsu Matsuoka, “Yasashiidake 2”, 2019, C-print, 120 x 80 cm © Ittetsu Matsuoka

Ittetsu Matsuoka was born in 1978 in Gifu. After graduating from the Photography Department at the College of Art of Nihon University, he worked at studio FOBOS before going independent. While working as a freelance photographer, he launched “THERME gallery” in June 2008. He primarily produces advertising, fashion, and other commercial works, while simultaneously shooting his everyday surroundings and capturing the world through an even perspective. His main solo exhibitions include “MARII” (Bookmarc, Tokyo, 2018) and “MARII” (Morioka Shoten, Tokyo, 2018), “Purple Matter” (Daitokai, Tokyo, 2014), “Yasashiidake” (Ruroudou, Tokyo, 2014), and “Tokyo Particle μ” (THERME Gallery, Tokyo, 2011). He is currently based in Tokyo.

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