Kyoko Murase “Sapphire”

Dates: Oct 30 – Nov 20, 2010
Opening reception: Saturday, Oct 30, 18:00 – 20:00


Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce “Sapphire”, our solo exhibition with Kyoko Murase featuring her latest works. The exhibition features a selection of Murase’s newest paintings as well as a number of new drawings following the large scale exhibition of her works, “Fluttering far away” (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, 2010).

As an artist whom represents contemporary Japanese painting, Murase has continued to participate extensively in group exhibitions held in various locations throughout Japan. The most prominent of these exhibitions is the “Garden of Painting/Japanese Art of the 00s” (The National Museum of Art, Osaka, 2010), an exhibition which reflects upon painting of the 2000’s.

If the characteristic of painting indicated by the “Garden of Painting” is a behavior towards detecting the objective world through one’s senses, isn’t Kyoko Murase a precedent artist of her generation whom opened that path?…Murase’s paintings differ entirely from familiar and conventional oil painting technique. The accumulation reminiscent of eyelashes; of frayed fragments, crevices with contours in vie with each other, the unsmooth and stammering drawings, unfurl a highly creative technique of depiction. Sensitively as if closing one’s eyes, this technique, similar to what is depicted, must have been found through the discipline of detecting the external world through one’s sensory organs.

Yuri Mitsuda “Contemporary Painting After an Era of Profundity –Kyoko Murase and the Garden of Painting”Shin Bijyutsu Shimbun, Jun. 2010

The exhibition presents Murase’s latest works, projecting towards a new realm of painting after the showing of her works in “Fluttering far away” and “One Hundred Millennium Cave,” a wall drawing created using the cave as a motif. Through unique and distinct depiction, Murase’s latest pieces strongly draw the viewers in to the world of the work.

The artist will be visiting Japan from Germany, upon the opening reception of the exhibition.