Yu OGATA & ICHIRO OGATA ONO, “UNMANNED”, 2017, set of 2 4K videos, 12’15” each © Yu OGATA & ICHIRO OGATA ONO

Ichiro Ogata Ono was born in Kyoto and completed Master course at the Graduate school of Architecture, Waseda University. Yu Ogata was born in Tokyo and received her undergraduate degree from the Department of Architecture, Waseda University. They have alternately shot photographs and videos and constructed buildings and dioramas over the years to articulate a different spatial dimension and worldview through them. Their major publications include Okinawa Chokoku Toshi [Okinawan Sculpture City] (Hatori shoten, 2015), Watashitachi no “Tokyo no Ie” [Our Eclectic Tokyo Home] (Hatori shoten, 2014), HOUSE (FOIL, 2009), and Ultra Baroque (Shinchosha, 1995). Their major architectural works include “Tokyo Eclectic House” and “Photo House.” Their recent exhibitions include “UNMANNED” Taka Ishii Gallery Photography / Film, Tokyo (2018) and “Okinawan Modernism” Taka Ishii Gallery Photography / Film, Tokyo (2015).

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