Yuki Kimura “Year 1940 was a leap year starting on Monday”

Dates: Oct 10 – Nov 7, 2009
Location: Taka Ishii Gallery Tokyo
Opening reception: Saturday, Oct 10. 18:00 – 20:00


We are pleased to announce our forthcoming, fifth solo exhibition with Yuki Kimura, her first with the gallery in three years.

Yuki Kimura, born in 1971 and based in Kyoto, expanded her international presence with installations using photographs, moving images and sculptures, taking part in the “Sixth International Istanbul Biennial” (1999), the “International Triennale of Contemporary Art Yokohama 2005”, “mellow fever”, la galerie des galeries (Paris, 2008), “Yoshihide Otomo ENSEMBLES”, Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (Yamaguchi, 2008) and “Incidental Affairs: Contemporary Art of Transient States”, Suntory Museum (Osaka 2009). Recent works of Yuki Kimura from 2005-2009 and latest installations were shown in a large scale solo exhibition at the Daiwa Press Viewing Room in Hiroshima.

“Memory as a “developed” posteriority is not the memory of the past, but the polyphonic resonant phenomena between A and B (and C and D and…). The installation is a resonant room for this purpose. To analyze complicated sounds, one applies various filters as if cutting off, repeating, amplifying partial reception; while Kimura separates, copies, expands and lightly combines the various elements that constitute the found photographs, posterior resonance is expanded as visual memory within the space.”

(Minoru Shimizu, “DAIWA PRESS VIEWING ROOM vol.09”(Daiwa Press, 2009))

The present exhibition is comprised of 10 photographs/sculptural works. The title of the show “Year 1940 was a leap year starting on Monday” is a quotation from the first sentence of Wikipedia when searching for the year 1940. The composition of this exhibition starts with a photograph that was taken for a Christmas card in Germany in 1940. Images deriving from this one photograph are combined with others images, vectors like Monday and leap year are added and an open ended narrative is created. Yuki Kimura applies dark blue and green colored Plexiglas to these photographs, creating images hidden, literally, in the shadow. The viewer is invited to use their own imagination freely.