Kyoko Murase “Emerald”

Dates: Jun 28 – Jul 26, 2008

Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce our sixth exhibition, and first since 2006, “Emerald” with Dusseldorf-based artist Kyoko Murase. The exhibition will include ten new paintings.

Kyoko Murase has been drawing girls since her early works. A girl who was timidly looking outside from her room eventually opens the door and starts to walk outside.

Sometimes enjoying the sense of her body floating in the water, other times moving into the forest, slipping through the branches, sometimes pausing. And continuing her walk even now, where and what will the girl encounter?

Text by Sachiko Shoji (quoted from the press release of Kyoko Murase’s exhibition “Cicadas and Horned Owls” at The Sculpture Garden Museum VANGI MUSEO)

Through participating in the group exhibition “Vanishing Points – Contemporary Japanese Art” (National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi, 2007) and the exhibition “Cicadas and Horned Owls” featuring a large wall drawing and paintings (The Sculpture Garden Museum VANGI MUSEO, 2007), Kyoko Murase’s works have become highly acclaimed internationally.

In her new works, while past characteristics of Murase’s work – the sense of floating and transparency – are retained, an increasingly vivid and powerful brushwork seems to strongly attract viewers into her world along with the girl’s walk. Her distinctive compositions and colors encourage viewers to reconsider their perception.