Nobuyoshi Araki “SHIKI IN ME”

Dates: May 25 – Jun 17, 2006

Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce our forthcoming solo exhibition with Nobuyoshi Araki, “SHIKI IN ME.” ; this marks Araki’s 10TH exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition will consist of series of a new painted photographic works.

I wanted to molest women who had become monochrome, it made me want to paint color on prints.
– Nobuyoshi Araki
Araki paints on monochrome portrait photographs.
The interplay of photography and painting brings to the surface an eros which was sealed momentarily at the time of shooting women in monochrome, the death world. Araki’s photography is full of his desire for the transient and his impulse to capture and preserve it. The essence of subjects, given color and thus regenerated calls to mind a fierce eros and thanatos, which the photograph reveals to be its essential subject.

Starting from the series of “Shikijoka,” in which Araki takes photographs of real flowers colored by liquitex paint, passing to the next series of “Summer Diary” and “SHIKI IN,” in which he applies paint by paintbrush on prints of landscapes and women’s bodies, now, Araki paints on photographs of women’s bodies striking an affect of life more strongly by way of a dripping palette.