Daido Moriyama “Buenos Aires”

Dates: Jul 8 – Aug 6, 2005

Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce artist Daido Moriyama’s forthcoming exhibition. Moriyama’s works have been featured in numerous museum exhibitions including, Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris(2003) and Moriyama Daido 1965-2003, Shimane Art Museum, Shimane (traveling to Kushiro Art Museum, Hokkaido, Kawasaki City Museum, 2003).

The exhibition will include images from Moriyama’s most recent photographic series, “Buenos Aires” and will be the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery since Shinjuku , 2002.

“…Buenos Aires, a town of wild dogs, a villa, tango and football…there is a chaos and seduction in such a junky and hip town. Yet, its atmosphere makes me feel a nostalgia that brings to mind of times gone by…A shady and fishy town, with bands of wild dogs, a mixed breed of people and indigenous music, such a town is undoubtedly sexy…”
Daido Moriyama, 2004/2005

Having visited Buenos Aires twice, Moriyama captured with his lens its streets and people – its climate all that he has been longing for some time.

The artist will have three concurrent exhibitions in the following spaces:

* “Buenos Aires” at EPSON imaging gallery epSITE:June 22-July 31
* “Daido Moriyama” at gallery RAKU (in Kyoto University of Art and Design) : June 14-June 26
* “Buenos Aires” at D’s gallery (in Kyoto University of Art and Design) : June 22-July 3

* In conjunction with the exhibition, Kodansha will release the publication, “Buenos Aires”.