Thomas Demand

Dates: Jun 27 – Jul 26, 2003

Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce the debut solo exhibition in Japan of Berlin based artist Thomas Demand. Demand’s work has previously been exhibited in Japan as part of the exhibition Screen Memories held at the Art Tower Mito. Recent solo exhibitions include the Foundation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Castello di Rivoli, SITE Santa Fe, The Carnegie International, Tate
Gallery and De Appel. In June 2003, Demand will be participating in the Venice Biennial.

Thomas Demand creates photographic works informed by his training as a sculptor. Each of his photographs consists of an image of a sculpture created for the purpose of being photographed. Constructed from paper and cardboard each sculpture eventually collapses leaving little trace of its existence beyond Demand’s photographic documentation. The original source material for Demand’s works are pre-existing mediated images ? images loaded with political, art historical and social significance. Despite the inherent richness of his source material, Demand’s photographs are insistently blank. This blankness is reinforced by the artist’s choice of generic titles and the lack in each photograph of a human presence.

Demand’s upcoming exhibition with Taka Ishii Gallery will include four works: Bullion, Gangway, Kabine as well as the debut of Public Housing. Please contact the gallery for images and additional information.