Lisa Lapinski “Th th th th th Snow White”

Dates: Nov 6 – Dec 11, 2010
Opening reception: Saturday, Nov 6, 18:00 – 20:00


It doesn’t have a title. It’s a regular story. It doesn’t need a title. I want to tell you a story. One day Miko came again. Do you remember Miko? He was in that picnic story. So Chip and Dale went for a walk in the warm, warm sun all the way to the café.

So now Wendy came for a little picnic snack. One day, Tinker Bell was sick all morning. I think Tinker Bell had to hurry to Peter Pan. She had to ask Peter Pan something. Peter Pan saw what that Miko did. He got Snow White back there.

softly: “Can you say “thththththth Snow White?”

Now Kiki and Bobo came along and Donald was riding on their back and Donald was riding on the backseat of their bike and they got firecrackers and went to see Snow White. So Sleeping Beauty came riding on her bike with the prince on the back of her bike. Then Cinderella came on her bike. This time Captain Hook came. Not really Captain Hook. Captain Hook stayed in the cave. He stayed in the Lost Boys cave. Also, the Lost Boys came too and also this time the crocodile came on a bike. They came on a bike. The Daddy and the Mommy put themselves on Peter Pan’s bike because they wanted to leave their own bikes at home. So Mickey came and found Donald at the river. Then Elmo came for Cookie Monster and Cookie Monster was behind him and he got some cookies. He pulled them out of Peter Pan’s oven. Then Wendy went to the grocery store to buy some pickles. When she got back she had a little pickle for the little sister. Nanny was holding the sister all night. She was taking care of that sister who belongs to Wendy. But Nanny dropped them on the pavement.
(Did the sister get hurt?)
No, she was standing up on the pavement. Grampy was holding Brons.
He put a little chair on the pavement just right for Brons. And he put Brons right on it.

Then Belle came with her yellow dress and Belle got some candy. She put out the candy on the table. Belle chewed a little bit of candy.
Belle called out Winnie the Pooh – that school was already open. But Winnie the Pooh was coming over and Eeyore was coming over and Tigger was coming and Roo and Kanga and Christopher Robin and Turtle and Kiki and Bobo. Oh, they are already there. Kiki and Bobo were waiting for Mr. Camel. So they looked in the sunniest, sunniest place but couldn’t find them. But then, ”Boo!” He came out. The horse said, “Boo!” He came out. The turtle said, “Meow.” Then Fuzzy came along and Minnie came along and Donald came along and Daisy Duck came along
and Goofy and Zoe, Huey, Duey and Luey. They came with…What is
Donald’s uncle’s name? I think it’s… Donalds’s uncle came and Donald came. Then Captain Hook came out of the Lost Boy’s cave and peeked inside the cave and saw what the crocodiles did. They were having a picnic with Wendy and chomping on some pickles! “Why are you chomping on the sister’s pickles?” We’re sharing the pickles with Wendy’s
sister. So Captain Hook left. He peeked inside the cave. It’s a
big one. It’s yellow. It’s not brown. Captain Hook saw what all
the crocodiles did. They had one out of the cave. Captain Hook said, “Where is all the crocodiles?” He was wondering where all the crocodiles were. One of them screamed, “We’re right here!” The white one screamed.

“Oh, white one. You better not go out there because there are dangerous kids back there.

Then Rabbit came bouncing up.

He was so happy. He came bouncing up. And then Ariel came swimming towards them. She was so happy she jumped up and down in the swimming pool.

Then Jasmine came swoosh up in the air with Aladdin on the carpet.

The Pinocchio came. Then Silly Pinocchio came.

Then Wendy called out, “ It’s time to do roller skating.”

Minnie said, “OK, we’ll do roller skating.” So they put on their roller skates and tried to catch the notes in the music thing.

A graduate of the MFA program of the Art Center College of Art and Design (2001), Lapinski’s work has been featured in institutional at spaces such as the Whitney Museum of American Art (2007), New York, Midway Contemporary, Minnesota (2008) and the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, which presented a solo exhibition with Lapinski in 2007. In Japan, Lapinski’s work was included in the group exhibition, Set, at Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo (2005) as well as the Daiwa Press exhibition space in Hiroshima (2006).