Akihisa Hirata X SHIMURABROS.

Dates: May 8 – Jun 19, 2010
Opening reception: Saturday, May 8, 18:00 – 20:00


Taka Ishii Gallery, Kyoto is pleased to announce our exhibition with “Akihisa Hirata X SHIMURABROS.” from May 8th until June 19th.


A mysterious continuum of surfaces, unidentified as to which is the external and which is the internal, awakens the animal instinct embedded within humanity. By incorporating 6 orbs and shifting them at each hemicycle to combine them, one creates a loop (what is apparently referred to as a ‘knot’ in mathematics) which passes through itself 6 times. Just by hanging an elastic cloth between the steel frame created in such a manner, a mysterious three-dimensional space is generated. SHIMURABROS. project their images re-questioning the meaning of depth and surface on to the two-sided intricately overlapping continuum of surfaces. Then perhaps a curious experience, as if having wandered in to a never-before-seen peculiar map, is born.

Akihisa Hirata

This exhibition was designed as an experiment to explore the unknown potentialities born from bringing together concepts from both architecture and film. With the architect Akihisa Hirata’s Moebius strip-like organic structure with its overlapping surfaces “6/1”(dimensions: 657 x 550 x 311.2cm) as a screen, SHIMURABROS. will attempt to project their latest film.

Akihisa Hirata (born 1971) graduated from Kyoto University, Graduate School, after which he worked for Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects (1997-2005). In 2005 he established the akihisa hirata architecture office, and is currently a highly regarded architect working on projects both in Japan and abroad.

Some of his recent representative projects include “Showroom H (MASUYA)” (Niigata), for which he received the 19th JIA newface award in 2007, the urban-type commercial establishment “sarugaku” (Daikanyama), and the information center for the Yokohama Triennale 2008 “ienoie.” In 2009 he received the ELLE DECO “Young Japanese Design Talent 2009.”

Yuka from SHIMURABROS. (born 1976, Yokohama), after having graduated from the Department of Art from Tama Arts University, moved to the U.K where she received her Masters from Central Saint Martin’s in London in 2006. She has continued to explore and produce film-based media art and installation works along with Kentaro (born 1979, Yokohama) whom graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University, Department of film in 2003. At the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival their piece, “SEKILALA” shot entirely with super 16 mm film, won the excellence prize for the art division and received further acclaim when exhibited at The National Arts Center Tokyo. In September of this year they are planning to present a new installation piece as their first solo project for Taka Ishii Gallery, Kyoto.

Please come and view the mysterious interspatial experience constructed by Akihisa Hirata, and the prologue of new film expression by SHIMURABROS. using “6/1”as a catalyst for their work.

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Akihisa Hirata


Produced with the cooperation of Canon INC
Equipment: Canon POWER PROJECTOR WUX10 Mark II