Group Exhibition

Dates: Aug 2 – 29, 2014
Location: Taka Ishii Gallery (Kiyosumi, Tokyo)
Participating artists: Nobuyoshi Araki, Yuki Kimura, Kunié Sugiura, Yosuke Takeda

Nobuyoshi Araki
Nobuyoshi Araki (Tokyo, 1940) is a Tokyo-based photographer. His photographic project “Satchin” earned him the prestigious Taiyo Award in 1964, shortly after he had joined the advertising agency Dentsu, where he worked until 1972. At Dentsu he met his wife Yoko, to whom he paid homage in Sentimental Journey, a photographic record of their honeymoon published in 1971. Eros and thanatos (sex and death) has been a central theme in Araki’s work; an abiding fascination with female genitalia and women’s bodies in Japanese bondage, flowers, food, his cat, faces and Tokyo street scenes.

Yuki Kimura
Yuki Kimura was born in 1971 in Kyoto. She completed her graduate studies at Kyoto City University of Arts in 1996. Based upon photographs from varied sources, her installation works have continued to explore the theme of time and dimension in concurrence to the present space where the installations have placed.

Kunié Sugiura
Kunié Sugiura was born in Nagoya and currently lives and works in New York. She received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 1967. After experimenting with color photography in the 60s and combining acrylic paint with photography on canvas in the 70s, Sugiura began producing photograms with objects from everyday life in the 80s. While pursuing connections between photography and other media, she has also been interested in photography’s materiality, and the way that this materiality can be made abstract.

Yosuke Takeda
Yosuke Takeda was born in 1982 in Aichi Prefecture and graduated with a degree in philosophy from Doshisha University in 2005. Whilst studying, he started working with darkroom production and triggered by the gradual discontinuation of photographic film and paper he shifted towards digital photography. He continues to produce various works overflowing with a penetrating degree of consciousness towards photography as a medium.