Nobuyoshi Araki “Love on the Left Eye”

Retail price: ¥2,500- (tax excl.)
Published by Taka Ishii Gallery, 2014
Edition of 300, softcover, 64 pages, 102 illustrations, H 14 x W 21 cm, 0.15 kg


Following the loss of sight in his right eye due to an obstructed retinal artery, this collection contains 102 images from a series Araki has energetically produced since October 2013. In the works series, positive film is filled in on the right hand side with black marker pen. The projection of what’s seen in the left eye and what isn’t on the right, results in photographs where the right side represents a total eclipse of vision. Titled “Love on the Left Eye”, the book recounts “Love on the Left Bank”, the photobook by Ed van der Elsken published in 1954 which Araki saw at the age of 20. In some form a tribute, Araki attempts to photograph women in the same pose as Elsken. Facing the fact that overcoming prostate cancer meant losing the sight in his right eye, this book also reflects Araki’s present state as he continues to vigorously photograph. An exhibition of the same name was held at Taka Ishii Gallery (Kiyosumi) in May, 2014.