Kiyoshi Suzuki “Soul and Soul, S Street Shuffle”

Retail price: ¥2,700- (tax excl.), published by Taka Ishii Gallery P/F (2013) Softcover, total 36 pages, 24illustrations, H18.7 x W24.2 cm, 0.2 kg



This catalog was published for the solo exhibition ‘Soul and Soul, S Street Shuffle’ in September 2013. This book includes 24 photographs by Kiyoshi Suzuki, whose reputation has been increasing 10 years after his death. These photographs include 13 photographs (5 of which have never been shown before) from his maiden work ‘Soul and Soul’, as well as 11 photographs (3 previously unreleased) from his 4th work, ‘S Street Shuffle’, which was awarded the first Shashin No Kai award in 1988. Through motifs such as contemporary society, literature and the particular time of travel, it is possible to feel Suzuki’s multilayered world, where reality, dream and memory intermingle.