Erika Yoshino “MARBLE”

Retail price: ¥2,300- (tax excl.), published by Taka Ishii Gallery P/F, 2018
Softcover, total 40 pages, 24 illustrations, H21 x W27.2 cm
Essay by Ryuichi Kaneko (English and Japanese)

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Erika Yoshino “NEROLI”

Retail price: ¥5,000- (tax excl.)
Published by AKAAKA Art Publishing inc. 2016
Hardcover, total 72 pages, 55 illustrations, H 23 x W 27.2 cm, 0.5 kg


Erika Yoshino “Just Like on the Radio”

Published by Osiris (2011)
Hardcover, total 72 pages, 47 illustrations, H 16.8 x W 28.8 cm、0.5 kg
Text by Erika Yoshino (Japanese)

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