Nobuyoshi Araki, Pillow Book “Erotos”, 2014

Edition of 50, published by amanasalto
10 bound platinum palladium prints + 1 Polaroid, signed by the artist on the colophon page, print paper size: 18 x 13 cm each

contact: book@takaishiigallery.com

Nobuyoshi Araki “Untitled”, 2004

Retail price: ¥ 750,000- (tax excl.), limited edition of 25
Set of 4 RP direct prints housed in a folding clothbound box, each print is archivally matted, image size: 26.5 x 33 cm, paper size: 27.9 x 35.6 cm, each print is signed and numbered on verso

contact: book@takaishiigallery.com

Nobuyoshi Araki “69YK” special edition, 2009

Retail price: ¥ 100,000- (tax excl.), limited edition of 69
A copy of publication “69YK” + an original B & W print used for reproduction in the book, paper size: 27.9 x 35.6 cm, print numbered and stamped on verso, shell box, total 1.7 kg

contact: book@takaishiigallery.com