Hidehisa Tachibana statuary exhibition “Why I had closed my eyes” – Between Réalité and Myself ⑩ –

Dates: Sep 15 – Oct 13, 2012
Location: Taka Ishii Gallery Kyoto
(Concurrent exhibition, gallery 1: Hiroe Saeki (September 7 – 13)


Taka Ishii Gallery Kyoto is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Hidehisa Tachibana in gallery 2 from September 15 to October 13.

  It is with my left and right hands, which I owe to my father and mother, that I make things. Somewhere down the line, I decided that my father was my left hand and my mother my right.
  This May, my father passed away. Perhaps because we lived separately, it took a while for his death to sink in. When I started to make things, however, my hands would suddenly stop. When it hit me that my father was really gone, my hands had ceased moving.

Hidehisa Tachibana

Despite ranging in media, Hidehisa Tachibana’s works, which include unglazed sculptures and woodcarvings, exude a similar mood. The sculptures’ strange expressions, the sensation one feels in touching them, and the long shadows they cast alternately draw in and repel viewers emotionally. It is as if the sculptures create a tie with images conjured in the viewers’ hearts. This exhibition is the tenth installment of an ongoing series.

Hidehisa Tachibana: Born in Hiroshima in 1962.
Hidehisa Tachibana statuary exhibition

2009 “sayonara”, SAVOIR VIVRE, Tokyo
“calling you”, SAVOIR VIVRE
2010 “saihate (the world’s end)”, SAVOIR VIVRE
2011 “kanashimi (sadness)”, SAVOIR VIVRE
“still life”, higashiaoyama, Tokyo
“aioi”, ANCHORET, Hiroshima
2012 “Tokyo”, SAVOIR VIVRE
“endless summer”, higashiaoyama
“Franny”, ANCHORET
“Why I had closed my eyes”, Taka Ishii Gallery Kyoto