Nobuyoshi Araki “From Winter to Spring”

Dates: Sep 10 – Oct 2, 2004

Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce artist, Nobuyoshi Araki’s forthcoming exhibition. The exhibition will include images from Araki’s most recent photographic series, “From Winter to Spring”.

“This year began with my meeting the poet, Minori Miyata, who had recently lost her left breast to cancer. Spring had come but winter endured. In the midst of cherry blossoms, I imagined the poet’s death. I will present those winter to spring days in a series of 100 monochrome prints.”
Nobuyoshi Araki

“Wild flowers wither and decay naturally. I think that I want to accept life as it is…
you must be satiated having seen countless well proportioned bodies. However, I am like a flower that has begun to die, as I no longer have my left breast…
here my life is represented”
[ HOHKEITEI NICHIJOH KAN ] from Minori Miyata

Miyata and Araki carry out a dialogue. Araki shooting the poet, Miyata responding with poems to the photographer’s images. With the poet’s words in mind, Araki photographs flowers. In these photographs, Araki engages the complex nature of the poet – strength and fragility intertwined, the inseparability of eros and death.