Nobuyoshi Araki “ARAKI BY ARAKI”

Dates: May 23 – Jun 21, 2003

Araki’s work deals with a basic human need which the camera is ideally equipped to satisfy ? the exhibitionistic longing to be seen and the passion for observation -Peter Weiermair

Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to announce our forthcoming exhibition of vintage and contemporary works by Nobuyoshi Araki. “Araki by Araki” will serve as a comprehensive overview of the artist’s oeuvre. Spanning 40 years 1962 ? 2002, the exhibition will feature 500 photographs personally selected by Araki. From his first photographic series, Satchin, which was awarded the prestigious Taiyo prize, to Araki’s most recent body of work, Sky and Flower, Araki has continued to develop a highly personal relationship with the medium of photography. Celebrating both Araki’s 63rd birthday and the release of the Kodansha International publication of the same name, “Araki by Araki” will offer gallery visitors a rare opportunity to witness the evolution of the Araki’s work as understood by the artist himself.