Yosuke Takeda “Stay Gold”

Dates: Nov 7 –  29, 2014
Location: Taka Ishii Gallery Photography Paris
Opening reception: Thursday, Nov 13, 16:30 – 21:30

Taka Ishii Gallery Photography Paris is pleased to present a solo exhibition of works by the young Japanese photographer Yosuke Takeda. This past spring, Takeda exhibited his “Stay Gold” series simultaneously at Taka Ishii Gallery and several other locations in Tokyo to show its trajectory from multiple perspectives. The current exhibition of the same title showcases approximately eight works including those from the same series organized anew as well as Takeda’s latest works.

To “Stay Gold” is a type of resistance. To say that “Nothing Gold Can Stay” means that unchanging things do not exist. Still, there is a resistance in taking the side of the stasis of things. For me, this resistance is “photography.”

 Yosuke Takeda

 Yosuke Takeda was born in 1982 in Aichi Prefecture, and graduated with a degree in Philosophy from Doshisha University in 2005. While at university, Takeda absorbed himself in darkroom work. However, given the stoppage of photographic paper production and other factors, the conditions for making gelatin silver photographs were becoming more difficult. Takeda realized that it would be impossible to ignore this situation, and this realization was a turning point for him as an artist working with photography. Even while the act of looking at images remains the same, the materials for fixing images are undergoing great changes. In the middle of such changes, what does it mean to work with photography? Takeda has come to face up to this large question, which requires a careful answer. After moving to digital photography, Takeda produced various works overflowing with a penetrating degree of consciousness towards photography as a medium. These works were well-received, as much for their unique composition as for their flat image surface. We invite you to take this opportunity to observe the development of this artist—who, standing between the fixing of images on paper and the manipulation of digital data on a monitor, is exploring the possibilities of photography

Taka Ishii Gallery will also present a solo exhibition of Takeda’s works at Paris Photo on November 14th. Here, Takeda will exhibit the works from his series “Digital Flare,” in which he directs the lens of his camera towards the original source of light, the sun, taking the resulting highlights (areas beyond the range the camera can grasp) as his subject.

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