Nao Tsuda, "Elnias Forest #14", 2015, chromogenic print © Nao Tsuda

Born in Kobe in 1976. Through his viewfinder, Tsuda has explored the relationship between human and nature, one of continued historical importance. He mainly photographs landscapes and has exhibited a large number of these works internationally since 2001. With a unique view toward nature and a sincere approach to the timeless theme “the relationship between photography and time,” Tsuda is cultivating a new trend in landscape photography as one of its rising stars and winner of The Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists in 2010. In recent years, he has actively collaborated in areas beyond the field of contemporary art such as lectures, special classes and magazine writing, for which he regularly contributes. Since 2017, he has been a visiting professor at Osaka University of Arts. His publications include Kogi (2007), SMOKE LINE (2008), Coming Closer (augmented edition, 2009), Storm Last Night (2010), SAMELAND (2014), NAGA (2015), TRIBUTE FROM GREEN FOREST (2015), IHEYA・IZENA (2016) and Elnias Forest (2018).

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